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Coaches with 3 stay odor-free!

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HepvO is a self-sealing valve designed to close the waste connection below a sanitary fixture to prevent the escape of foul air into the RV. HepvO, unlike conventional waste traps, does not rely on trapped water to create a seal.

  • One Way Valve - Stop foul odors entering your RV,
                               even when left unused for long periods!


  • Dry Seal Technology - Cannot fail by evaporation, siphonage, or freezing.

  • Creates Space - Replaces P-traps, check vents, and much more!

  • Flexible Installation - Vertical or horizontal and up to 6ft from fixture drain.

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How HepvO Works:
The HepvO Sanitary Waste Valve opens under the water pressure of a fixture emptying and closes to form a tight seal after the fixture has discharged.
HepvO™ is a trademark of Wavin Limited
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