HepvO 1 1/4" Sanitary Waste Valve

HepvO 1 1/4" Sanitary Waste Valve

SKU: BV 1B/UA 1 1/4

HepvO is a self-sealing valve designed to close the waste connection below a sanitary fixture to prevent the escape of foul sewer air into the dwelling. 1 1/4" Valve Kit. Works great on all Sinks Showers and Tubs. 

  • Specs


    • Dry Seal Technology - Cannot fail by evaporation or siphonage
    • Admits Air - Relieves negative pressure in drain systems
    • One Way Valve  - Prevents foul odors
    • NO MORE P-TRAP Maintenance Requirements - that includes winterizing!

    HepvO does not trap water that may contain food scraps or other waste so that means microbiological growth of a fungal, bacterial, or viral nature is less likely!



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