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FIC ETJ3500 Electric Jack

FIC ETJ3500 Electric Jack


3,500lb Electric A-frame Jack. 12V DC A-Frame Maximum Lift Capacity 3,500 lbs. Used on Travel Trailers and Boat Trailers. 

  • Specs

    Max lift 3,500lbs, Travel: Rull 22-1/2 stroke (18" power plus 4-1/2 manual drop leg extension) Height Range: 9" to 31-1/2" Type 12V DC A-Frame

    Foot Pad: removable 4-1/2" Drop leg. 

  • Warranty & Replacement Items

    Please contact FIC Jack Services to register your warranty or for assistance on replacement parts.


  • Maintenance

    1. The electric A-frame jack motor is sealed and maintenace-free. It is important to maintain the electrical system including the battery and charger(not included) 

    2. Ensure all connections are tight and free of corrosion and that the jack is properly grounded with the coupler (metal to metal contact.)

    3. Make sure the battery is fullly charged prior to use. 

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