The open road just got more open

A Transcore Product

One Toll Account. Coast to Coast.


The revolutionary RV Toll Pass transponder now makes the open road even more open. Owners of RVs and trailers can now access major toll roads across the United States with a single toll transponder.  They can also easily manage all nationwide toll fees from a single account.



  •          RV Toll Pass covers the majority of toll roads in the U.S.

  •          One registration, one account, one transponder

  •          Eliminates unsafe maneuvering through narrow toll booth lanes


Saves Money

  •          Pays for itself with lower electronic rates versus cash or video toll rates

  •          Nominal monthly fee charged ONLY in months tolls incurred


Easy Install / Maintenance

  •          No Maintenance / Easy Installation

  •          Battery-powered transponder 

  •          Easily installed on the windshield

Have questions? Check out the official RV Toll Pass FAQ.

Need installation instructions? Find them here

Ready to Activate after receiving your RV Toll Pass? Please go to rvtollpass.com. (You will need your transponder to activate.)